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Workshop Fever

Cherry Nichols gave an awesome watercolour workshop for SASA members on Tuesday 21 June. All participants had to change the poppy drawing they were sent to use at the workshop. Cherry started off by showing them how to remove parts of the painting that were no longer wanted, using oil pastels and turps. The oil pastels were also used to darken the areas in between the poppies and then taking the colour into the flowers. This technique was also used to form the background of the painting.
Participants were shown how to do introduce gel medium over the wet paint and when slightly dry, how to ‘scratch out’ the stamens, leaves, buds, etc using a toothpick. She went on to show us how to put the different colours into the flowers, how to complete the vase section of the painting, showing the water levels and how to finish off the painting.
The results?  Have a look.


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