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Winter Workshop with Derric van Rensburg

 Derric van Rensburg kicked off our 2015 season on 30 May, with a fascinating workshop, giving us a “behind the scenes” look at his loose and lighthearted painting style.

He built his demo paintings with enormous brushes and a limited palette, mixing up a wonderful range of colours, which he applied with quick dabs and strokes, in fast drying layers of acrylic paint.

He made it look so easy and effortless, it was quite a surprise to find how difficult it actually was, when it came to trying out the technique for ourselves.

Although we all worked from the same reference photograph, the guidance and advice Derric gave was gentle and tailored to each individual, so that everyone produced a totally unique interpretation of it.

We each took away with us a new respect for acrylic paint, a selection of paintings and head full of new ideas. Thank you Derric, for a Saturday well-spent!

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