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Winter Life Drawing Sessions








Saturday morning, the 24th of June was the first of this year’s SASA Winter life drawing sessions at the Scout Hall in Newlands. Despite the bitterly cold morning, we had a very good turnout. Our members, bundled up in jackets and scarves, hands encased in fingerless gloves, got down to some serious drawing.

Our very professional model – who was extremely grateful for our efficient heaters! – was Desiré, whom many of us have met before, but for those who hadn’t, she was a lovely surprise.








Her poses, both short and long, were interesting, elegant and at times challenging, inspiring some wonderful drawings and paintings, forcing us to draw what was presented to us, rather than how we perceive things to be. 






It was amazing how quickly the time went and everyone went home satisfied, looking forward to more of the same, or something similar, anyway, next week.







Once again, thanks to those who helped with packing away. It makes it all go so much more quickly.


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