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We had a full house for our March monthly meeting and it was great to see Mike at the door again – welcome back Mike!

A welcome back kiss!

Our guest speaker was Danish pencil artist, Kaspar Købke, whose monochromatic drawings are large scale and ultra realistic, often taking him months to complete.

Denzil helping Kaspar set up

When he’s not immersed in his own work, he teaches children to draw and what he passes on to them is more than just drawing skills, but life-skills as well. To use his own words –  drawing is “more than lines.”

Kaspar gave an extremely interesting talk and interactive demo, which put drawing in a whole new perspective. As one member commented – “An inspiration! With a teacher like that, any fool can draw!”

Kaspar is in Cape Town with the CICLO art education project, which launched on 1 March 2014 at the Design Indaba conference, in collaboration with the Frank Joubert Art Centre. The three images above come from the CICLO website.

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