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Two new items for the weekend starting Friday

Goodman Gallery Cape
3rd Floor Fairweather House
176 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock
Friday 13th November at 11:00
Members and Non-Members R20
Historically seen as criminal, or sinful, the idea of dependency as an illness is a recent one.  Frances Goodman’s exhibition Morbid Appetites takes its name from an antiquated term for addictions.  In keeping with her long-running interest in obsessions, this exhibition is an objective study in sound, text and sculpture of what happens to the human condition when a psychological line is crossed.  On their most basic level, Goodman’s pieces are a detailed examination of how contemporary society is able to transform harmless activities like eating, shopping and taking medicine into deadly vices.  More critically, her works

comment on the economic and cultural conditions that accelerate this perversion.

Iziko South African Museum
Saturday 14th November at 15:00
Members R40, Non-Members R60, Students R20
Subtle Thresholds is primarily concerned with the visual representation of infectious disease, focusing particularly on its position as ‘different’, ‘outside’ and ‘other’, and noting that classifications and representations of disease are culturally as well as medically coded.  Combing elements of science, art and social history, Langerman presents a collaboration between disciplines that is rarely seen in South Africa.  She embraces a range of media:  using projection, sculptural and drawn elements, text and digital images as well as objects from museum collections.  Because Subtle Thresholds is concerned with the means through which images are seen (or not) and understood (or misunderstood), the exhibition makes use of devices that heighten vision: scopes, light, shadow and projections.
Subtle Thresholds manages to show potentially fearful items as objects of interest and beauty.  “Infectious diseases are caused by organisms which are as deserving of visual attention as any other species. The exhibition suggests that within an extremely complex biological system, humans represent a very small unit,” says Langerman.  She teaches printmaking and drawing at UCT and has curated and exhibited nationally and internationally.

Lizzie O’Hanlon
Friends of the S A National Gallery
P O Box 2420
Cape Town
Tel No:  021 467 4662
Fax No: 021 467 4680

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