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The Perfect Canvas – check this out!

We have received the following notification from SANAVA – maybe yours could be the one chosen by Woolies!

‘The Perfect Canvas’ by Woolworths  –  Please remind all members of the project which Woolworths is running in partnership with SANAVA, in terms of which artists who are members of the Association are encouraged to submit images of colourful work which Woolworths may decide to display on their eco-friendly shopping bags.   Please refer to Woolworths’;=CO-Community_Initiatives_Canvas.   

Woolworths drew our attention to the fact that participants often tend to ignore the conditions relating to the exact sizes of images that are to be submitted as entries for consideration.   The final printed size of the picture on the bag should be strictly respected.   This should be 430mm (horizontal) by 300mm (vertical).   Odd sizes may have to be cropped.   Any medium (oils, pastels, watercolours, photography, etc) may be used.   Slides are not acceptable.   Important also:  the works must be ‘happy’.   No sad subjects, sombre colours or identifiable items, places, etc! 


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