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SASA/CAS Hiking/Sketching Outing



Our sketching hike to the lower Silvermine Valley, scheduled for 19 October, was postponed due to inclement weather and took place on 2 November.


Six artists – and one dog – met at the Silvermine carpark, from where we made our way up a flower-scattered path, past the ruined farmhouse, to the stream. It was a very hot day, but we found some welcome shade under a spreading oak tree, beside the running water, where we each settled in our own little spot to concentrate on some serious sketching.

There was a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere, with a background track of singing birds and chirping frogs.

The peace was shattered by loud, frantic squawking, as a flock of nesting weaver birds chased off a huge boomslang, which was after their eggs.


After watching in fascination as this little drama unfolded and the snake slithered away, we were ready to leave and packed up for the short walk back to our cars.

Thank you Linda Howe Ely, for organising yet another great outing.

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Sketching Hike





On Wednesday 21 September, a small group of artists, led by Linda Howe-Ely, took advantage of the beautiful morning and hiked up to Kloof Corner.

There was an abundance of Spring flowers and fynbos to see on the way up and magnificent views all around once we got settled.

A pair of rock kestrels graced us with their presence, floating on the breeze in the sky above us. The breeze, though fresh, didn’t distract from the perfection of the vistas before us and we got down to some serious sketching and painting.









A wonderful spot to paint and a most enjoyable outing which, everyone there has agreed, must definitely be repeated now that Spring has arrived.


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Sketching hike to Silvermine Dam

IMG_4694 IMG_4688





On Wednesday 20 April, a group of SASA artists, joined by some from Constantiaberg Art Society, were led by Linda Howe-Ely on a sketching hike to the Silvermine Dam.

IMG_468620 Apr Hanna






The weather was glorious and artists were spoiled for choice with the beautiful surroundings,  offering picturesque compositions, whichever way we turned.

The warm breeze and calm water lent a wonderful, peaceful atmosphere, which made us all reluctant to leave. It was only when an approaching cold front made it’s presence felt around lunch-time, that we were finally forced to call it a day.

IMG_469120 Apr Liz Jones








This was a very pleasurable and satisfying end to the “plein air season” and we all look forward to next Summer, with the promise of more such outings to come.

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Sketching Hike to Silvermine

Six SASA members met 1-IMG_3707at Silvermine East on a very hot Tuesday 27 October and started up the path towards Steenberg Peak.





We met a party of hikers coming down, who told us the cave we were aiming for was actually named “Fat Ladies Cave”. We decided then and there that it was not the place for us, since none of the party fell into that category!



Added to that, the heat had become extreme, so, apart from a couple of braver souls, who went in search of a better view from higher up, we settled for a nice shady spot near the path.



There we spent a very pleasant hour or two sketching and chatting contentedly in the shadow of the rocks.

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Table Mountain Sketching Hike







The weather didn’t play ball on Wednesday 30 September and it was rather rainy, so the scheduled hike had to be postponed, but it certainly made up for it the next day.

We had perfect weather for hiking and sketching and the few of us who got there certainly made the most of it. Tafelberg Road was lined with cars right down to the bottom, so it would appear a lot of people decided to take advantage of the beautiful day by visiting our mountain.

We gathered on Tafelberg Road below the cable station and hiked for about half an hour up the track to the beacon on the contour path. From this vantage point we had wonderful views all round and plenty of choice for sketching, perched like dassies, on the conveniently flat, rocky outcrops.

So absorbed were we in our work, it wasn’t till about three hours later that someone realised the time and thought we’d better be starting back.

Thoroughly inspired, we headed down the mountain with sunburnt noses and wobbly knees, but satisfyingly full sketchbooks.








Thanks to Linda Howe-Ely for organising the outing – we’ll have to do it again very soon!