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Members’ I Exhibition 2016

Tuesday the 3rd of May saw SASA members once again at the opening of a new exhibition at the Sanlam Hall at Kirstenbosch. Thanks to all who helped with the hanging of it, which was done very well and efficiently – the hall looked wonderful. The standard and variety of the work on show is amazing and there’s certain to be something to suit every taste, so we can hope for lots of sales.

The exhibition was opened by Sarah Struys, events manager for Kirstenbosch, who has also previously exhibited her own art in this very hall. Being an artist in her own right, Sarah understands how it feels to “put a little of one’s soul on paper” for other people to judge and comment on and gave a lovely, encouraging opening speech.








For the first time at one of our events, we had nice young barmen and waitresses serving food and drinks, which gave our usual bar and kitchen helpers a little breathing space. It also meant they had a chance to have a look around the exhibition and enjoy the evening, socialising with the patrons. A very good addition, I think!

Once again, a most enjoyable evening was had by all. Welcome and good luck to all our first time contributors, may your sales be plentiful.

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2016 SASA Merit Exhibition

On Monday 25 January, it was a wonderfully wet Kirstenbosch that welcomed the artists and helpers for the hanging of the SASA 2016 Merit exhibition. The atmosphere was surprisingly relaxed, as artists, stuck in traffic, arrived late and soaked, yet still smiling, with precious paintings wrapped in plastic bags. There wasn’t one moan about the rain – everyone was just grateful for the respite from the heat-wave we’ve been having.







The exhibition was opened later that evening by art critic and curator, Andrew Lamprecht, who is also a lecturer at the Michaelis School of Fine Art. Andrew gave a wonderfully encouraging and thought-provoking speech, full of praise for our society and its members. We were complimented on the high standard of work on exhibition, as well as for the hanging of it. So thanks to all who participated – a jobĀ  well done.

Glass of wine in hand, guests mingled and chatted with artists and wandered through the halls, admiring the work on display. The snacks were great, as usual – thanks Mary and team – adding to the party atmosphere.

Sales were good on opening night and will hopefully get even better as more visitors come in the week ahead. Well done, for work already sold and good luck for sales to come!