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October SASA Members’ Meeting

We were in the Athenaeum again on Thursday 28 October for our members’ meeting and judges critique of work from the Annual Selection Weekend. We had a good spread-out crowd – in fact the hall was about as full as possible, so we couldn’t have fitted many more in. Lovely to see all our members, old and new, coming together again.








Liz opened the meeting by thanking council and judges for all their hard work – and Philip Green for the back-up lighting he supplied in case of load-shedding, which thankfully, we didn’t need. The library was also open before the meeting, with a special sale of magazines.









The format was slightly different this year, due to the fact that the paintings were all on exhibition and couldn’t be presented “in person”. We had projected images of the prize-winning works, which the judges spoke about, explaining their reasons for choosing these particular pieces.










We were very lucky to have all three judges – Marc Alexander, Cindie Ah Ling and Andrew Hart – there for most of the evening and they – for the most part – were in complete agreement on the allocation of awards.











They commented on good composition, with placement and treatment of focal point; the use of colour to create aerial perspective; use of chiaroscuro for effect; skillful technique, etc. So we were given all sorts of hints and guides on how to enhance and improve our own work.








The prize-winners were presented with their certificates and the “best-in-category”, their trophies. We also had two members who were awarded Fellowship of the society – well done to Karen Burns and Pam Quinlan for the well-deserved accolades.









Thanks to all involved for a joyful and informative evening. See you all again next month , same time, same place, for November’s meeting and the end of year function.