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2021 SASA Selection Weekend

At last our 2021 selection weekend has happened! On the first weekend in October, we were back at our usual venue, Rustenburg Girls High School, for our annual selection weekend. We are really appreciative of the way Rustenburg accommodates us and prepares the hall for us – it would take twice as long if we had to do the set-up ourselves!

Thanks to our lovely group of helpers, the Saturday’s receiving of artwork went very smoothly and everyone adhered to all the rules – covid and other! – so it was rather an enjoyable afternoon, all in all. Allotted tasks were carried out helpfully and efficiently, ensuring everything was done in good time.

This event is a great way for new members to get involved, and to meet other members of our society. It is also very inspiring to see the new work people have been producing over the past few months. Even the weather did its bit and the rain stayed away.

We were all there again on Sunday morning and by the time the judges arrived we were ready to begin. The three judges were Marc Alexander – artist, art teacher and gallery owner, Andrew Hart – artist, teacher and art auctioneer and Cindie Ah Ling – artist and principal of the Peter Clarke Art Centre in Newlands.







The beautiful and varied selection of artworks entered must have made judging and awarding scores extremely difficult…..and the choosing of “best-of- categories” even more so.

Once again, the day’s process went hitch-free, with our team of helpers doing their jobs most skillfully in their “quiet shoes”.

At the end of the day, after much deliberation, we had our prize-winning selection…..and the winners were; for best oil – Laura Wenman with “I Have Ememrged”; best acrylic – Jeremy Day’s “Zu’s News”;








Best watercolour – Pam Quinlan with “Freedom”; best pastel – “Morning Light”, by Val Watt;








Best drawing – “Pachyphytum”, by Lucy Cobern; best sculpture – Diane Burger’s “Brie and Origanium Sprig on balau wood plaltle”;










Best print media – “Verlatenheid”, by Di Ackerman and best mixed media – “Whispers of the Cape”, by Deirdre Harris.








Well done to all of our winners, as well as to those who received “Commended” and “Highly Commended” awards.

A very big thank you to our three judges, Marc, Andrew and Cindie, for giving us of your time, expertise and patience. Thanks also to all our helpers – we could not do this without you – and to Avril and her team for keeping us well fed and watered throughout the weekend…and thanks to Di Burger, for Saturday’s photos. Good job everyone! 🙂


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SASA’s 113th Annual Exhibition

Monday 30 September was the start of the prestigious SASA Annual Exhibition, where only works chosen by the judges on selection day are exhibited.





After a hard day’s hanging, we had a very beautiful exhibition to present to our viewers and the high standard of the work was noted at the opening event.






The evening kicked off with an opening address by Marc Alexander, one of our selection day judges, who is both an artist in his own right, as well as a gallery owner. Marc honoured our society and it’s members, both past and present. We are in distinguished company!








He praised the work on show and encouraged our members to keep at it and persevere in their chosen direction, no matter the reaction of others to their work, be it positive or negative. Every artist has his or her own voice, to which we must be true. Then he addressed the buyers……here’s to many sales!






After his speech, Marc handed out all the awards won at the selection weekend and presented the winners of each category with their trophies.

A celebratory evening indeed, made even more enjoyable by the wonderful snacks provided by our catering team and of course the choice of wines at the bar – something to suit every taste.

Thanks to all those whose hard work helped make this evening such a success.

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August Members’ Meeting – Judges Critique

On Thursday 29 August Marc Alexander and John Pace, two of our hard-working selection weekend judges, came to give us a critique on work submitted for selection and to explain their allocation of points. A seriously difficult task, as they’d had about 320 paintings presented to them for judging on the day.







What a pleasure it was to get their feedback and some positive criticism, which is always an invaluable tool for growth and improvement in the studio.






It also gave them – the judges – a chance to study the work more closely, bearing in mind that they only had a few moments to view each piece on selection day and give it a score, before it was whisked away and replaced by another.





The evening was well attended and our members took home with them some useful tips and insights. We get protective and attached to our work, so it’s always good to be forced to view it from a different perspective.







Slight changes in technique and composition, or even subject matter, can make the world of difference to an artwork. So, thank you Marc and John for taking the time to share your observations with us.

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2019 SASA Selection Weekend

Once again Council members and helpers gathered at Rustenberg Girls High School on the weekend of 3rd and 4th of August for the selection process for the SASA Annual Exhibition.






Members arrived bright and early to submit their work and, as usual, the submission process was handled quickly and efficiently. 112 members submitted 320 artworks, slightly down – in quantity, but certainly not in quality – from last year.








Once the artworks had been processed and labelled, they were set up in readiness for the judging.
On Sunday morning the council members and helpers were briefed and assigned their various roles that would ensure that the day would run as smoothly as possible.





Our judges, Marc Alexander, Gail Dorje and John Pace took their seats and a hush settled over the main hall as they got down to work.





Thanks to their enthusiasm and efficiency, all the work had been scrutinised by the judges and passed through the selection process by the time we broke for lunch. This was a time for all to relax, and enjoy their meal.

After lunch the judges turned to the serious business of deciding the “Best of’s”. Congratulations go to the following artists for achieving top honours in their categories.

Mariaan Du Ploy – Oil
Margie Volkwyn – Acrylic
Pam Quinlan – Watercolour
Val Watt – Pastel
Sonja Frenz – Drawing
Boniface Chikwenhere – Sculpture
Cliff Davies – Print
Grazyna Janik – Mixed Media


All work that earned enough points during selection will be on show at the Richard Crowie Hall at Kirstenbosch from 30th September. The opening talk will be given by gallery owner and artist, Marc Alexander.

Thanks to Mary and and Kate for the lunch, and for keeping everyone going all weekend with tea, coffee and snacks. Thanks as well, to our judges and to all the willing helpers who made the process run so smoothly.


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30 June SASA Monthly Meeting



Marc Alexander gave us a good look into his processes and procedures at our June meeting. He took us right through, from basic sketches, layers of glazing, texturing and gilding, to the finished, realistic pieces, for which he is widely known.




So many SASA members braved the weather to be there, that there wasn’t a spare seat in the hall and were so fascinated by the techniques Marc shared with us, that we couldn’t get them to leave!

Not only did Marc share his techniques, but he also , very generously, let us into a lot of “trade secrets”, acquired over his years of experience and experiment.

The gilding process itself is a painstaking one and not for the impatient. One needs a quiet mind, a steady hand and a lot of practice to get it right. Marc will be giving a workshop on Saturday, where the lucky ones who managed to book a place, will further their education.






Thank you Marc, for a fascinating evening.