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June SASA Monthly Members’ Meeting

We had our members’ meeting for the month of June on Thursday the 30th at the Athenaeum. Our “theme” for the evening was a “Three Artist Paint-out” and it made for marvelous viewing. Lyn Northam, Beth Lowe and Sue Paulsen each set up and painted a still-life, from scratch, in their own distinctive style.

It was quite a challenge for our three artists, having to deal with the strange lighting set-up due to load-shedding, as well as fielding questions from members and having people scrutinising their every brush-stroke. Nevertheless, they all rose to the occasion, kept calm and took us with them from start to finish.










We were shown how each artist has their own approach to painting a still life, each having their own preferences regarding composition and colour range. Each told us about their palette, paint and mediums, their different choices in products and brushes, as well as their wonderfully efficient easel set-ups, with everything they need tucked inside them….including space for wet paints and paintings!






Thanks to our very well organised Avril, we were able to wander in and out with cups of tea and coffee, or a platefull of snacks, while we watched the paintings progress…..and thanks to Philip Green for all the lighting, allowing us to see where we were going and what was going on!







Thank you Beth, Lyn and Sue, for giving us your time and sharing your skills. It was a lovely evening.