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May SASA Members’ Meeting






We had a marvelously entertaining evening with Karin Davel at the Athenaeum, on Thursday 25 May.


She gave us a fun-filled demonstration of some of her unusual mixed-media methods.

Karin’s engaging personality and lightness of spirit are reflected in the light-hearted approach to her work. She believes making art should be a fun experience and makes it so, and in doing so, makes it fun for her audience as well. The hall rang with laughter and our members were quite reluctant to leave the joyful atmosphere behind, even for the wonderful tea provided by Mary.

The tools she uses are not always those made specifically for that purpose, but get the job done rather well – we learned a very interesting new way to use a credit card – and found objects such as feathers and pieces of string can make very interesting marks too.

A very big thank you, Karin, for a lovely demo and we look forward to seeing the finished painting when you’ve completed it to your satisfaction.