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April Members’ Meeting





On 27 April, Skye Kennedy, of the “Italian Artshop” gave us a fascinating talk on art accoutrements and accessories. Skye is obviously passionate about her subject and shared with us her in-depth knowledge of the vast range of products she stocks in her shop……and yes, she assures us, she has tried them all out!








She spoke about the formulation of different products and what would make one brand so much more expensive – sometimes up to ten times more – than another. It’s all about the quality of the components used in creating the product and also the method used . Some paints, for example, are totally hand-made, or made with pure pigment, while others are mass-produced, or made with mixed pigments, resulting in a huge difference in quality and therefore, price.







After her talk, Skye answered all the questions from our members and everyone ended up with notebooks full of tips and new things to try out and experiment with. Thank you Skye for a very interesting and informative evening.