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Hayden Proud at January Members’ Meeting






Welcome back, all our members, to a new year with SASA. Our January members’ meeting on Thursday the 25th was a wonderful way to kick it off.





Hayden Proud, an art curator at Iziko museums, presented a fascinating illustrated talk about the history of SASA, which, having been originally founded in the late 1800s, is the oldest enduring art society in South Africa.





Hayden showed us how their exhibitions were hung, in the manner of the Royal Academy in London and very different from the way we hang them today.





Only the best work was placed at eye-level, so you knew precisely how highly your work was regarded, by the level at which it was positioned!







We also saw pictures of SASA’s first official home – Kamp’s Cafe, 71 Plein Street, Cape Town – and a very different looking National Gallery! Hayden introduced us to some of the art and artists who have been members of our society through the years, some names we recognise and some not so well-known.





In the beginning SASA was a very inclusive society and all art forms were embraced, so that which we now consider “craft”, was then accepted as “art”.




Thank you Hayden, for an extremely well researched talk a and most informative evening.