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SASA Members’ 2 Exhibition 2021

On Friday morning, 13 August, we hung and opened our Members’ 2 exhibition at Kirstenbosch in the Richard Crowie Hall. It still feels strange not having the official opening in the evening, but at least we’re there.

We were given very little notice of the dates, so seem to have caught many of our artists on the hop! Even though the number of artworks submitted was less than usual, the quality was not and we have an exhibition we can be proud of to show for it.







Our group of helpers arrived nice and early on a bright and sunny, if a little chilly, morning and we soon got ourselves set up to receive everyone’s work. With all covid protocols in place, the process went very well and smoothly, as did the hanging. We had some of our new members helping us, which is a great way for them to get to know how things work and to meet other members of the society.








Thanks to all who came to lend a hand – it makes the task so much easier when we have a good team – and thanks to Avril, for keeping us fed and “watered” throughout the day.









To cap it all, we even managed to sell a few paintings while we were busy setting up, which certainly bodes well for the remainder of the exhibition. Well done to those who have already sold a piece or two and, fingers crossed, the sales carry on going so well.







The exhibition will run till Tuesday 31 August, so be sure to let your friends and fans know. Entrance to the gardens is free on Tuesdays for pensioners with SA citizenship.

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SASA Members’ 1 2021

On Wednesday 7 April we arrived at Kirstenbosch on a lovely warm and sunny morning, for the hanging of our first Members’ exhibition for 2021.

The whole process went very well and without mishaps, from the receiving and processing of the artworks, to the actual hanging of the paintings. It felt as if everyone had come out of “hibernation” and we had a bumper crop of fresh work to put on display.





We had some new members helping us as well, which was wonderful to see, and older members who hadn’t hung an exhibition with us before. Each one had many different tasks to perform and “changed hats” often to compensate for the small number of helpers at hand. Great team-work guys.






Everyone mucked in to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible and by mid-afternoon we had a beautiful show to present to our fans.

It still feels strange to have an exhibition without the festivities of an opening event, but at least we’re out  there, in the flesh and ready for browsers and buyers to come and pay us a visit. The exhibition will run till Sunday the 18th of April. Here’s hoping for great sales.





Thank you to all those who came along to help, it is much appreciated, and to those who couldn’t make it, see you at the next one!


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SASA Merit Exhibition 2021

On Thursday 28 January was hanging day of the SASA Merit Exhibition in the Richard Crowie Hall at Kirstenbosch. We had an alphabetically staggered, socially distanced drop-off system for our artists, which worked very well, and a small, but very efficient team of helpers, facilitating smooth processing.








The number of artists who presented work for this exhibition was a lot lower than we have become accustomed to, meaning a lot fewer paintings to hang.








Because of the fewer pieces to place, we were, for the most part, able to hang each artist’s body of work together and leave “breathing space” between them, creating a very beautiful exhibition. A couple of pieces were even sold while we were busy hanging them, which was a wonderful start!






Many thanks to our hard-working council and everyone who helped on the day, or volunteered their services for “sitting duty” – we couldn’t do this without you – and thanks also to Avril, for keeping us fed throughout the day.

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We’re Live at Kirstenbosch!

Our end of year SASA Members’ exhibition was hung in the Richard Crowie Hall on Monday 30 November. After all the hustle and bustle of getting all the work in – in a socially distanced queuing system – getting all the paperwork done and admin sorted, we could start putting the exhibition together. Luckily for us it was a beautiful day, so we didn’t have weather to contend with along with everything else!

We had a small, but willing band of helpers, to whom we are very grateful, and created a beautiful show – such a lovely, positive note to round off this strange year. Also strange not to have our usual festive opening party in the evening, but we just have to get used to doing things differently and finding new ways until we can get back to some semblance of “normal”.

Thank you to all involved, for making this exhibition happen and special thanks to Avril for the most delicious muffins, which kept us all going till the lunch break.

We had 255 pictures to hang and 161 portfolio pieces, which will be on display until Wednesday 9 December, so go and have a look and tell your friends – good timing for Christmas gifts.