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August Monthly Meeting – Judges’ Crit

Our members’ meeting on Thursday 25 August will feature our 3 selection weekend judges – Ashley Ogilvy, Anthony De Klerk and Paul Birchall – giving a crit on work submitted. Bring your work along for some useful tips and insights, as they let us know how and why they allocated points.

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Landscape, Life and Still-Life Competition

At the SASA members’ meeting on Thursday the 28th of July, the main event was the Landscape, Life and Still-Life competition, which always takes place at this time of year, when our members have been enjoying the workshops, life-drawing studio and, when the weather was kind, even plein air painting mornings.








There were some beautiful pieces to admire and vote for. The seating arrangements were casual and comfortable, as opposed to straight lines, so we could all move around with ease, while voting, listening to the critique, or just enjoying a cup of tea and a chat.






Well done to our three “critics” – Karen Burns, Laura Wenman and Penny Steynor – they did an excellent job. Their comments were succinct and very useful. In fact our members so enjoyed their feedback, that some went back for more at the end of the evening.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we had great prizes for the winners in each category – Canvases donated by “Artland” and vouchers from “Brush and Canvas”. We also had eight “spot-prizes” to give away, which was a treat. All members present were in for a chance as the names were “pulled out of a hat” after tea. These prizes were donated by “Creative Arts Atelier”, “ETH Canvas” and hampers containing a paintbrush holder, paintbrush cleaner and paint spreader from “Brush and Canvas”.









The winners in the three categories were: 

Landscape – 1st, Beth Lowe’s “Clouds Cape”; 2nd, Lynne Menge’s “Cape of Storms” and 3rd, Johanneke Strydom’s”Lonely Bluegum”.










Life – 1st Grazyna Janik’s “Daydreaming”; 2nd Penny Steynor’s “Sebastian” and 3rd Beth Lowe’s “Ibis Island”.










Still Life – 1st Johanneke Strydom’s “Olives”, 2nd Penny Steynor’s “Abundance” and 3rd “Beth Lowe’s “The Treat”.









Well done to all our prize-winners, especially to Beth Lowe, who earned a place in the top three for all categories!









Thanks, as always, to our council members, for all their hard work, organising and putting it all together…..not least, Avril, for providing the very welcome tea and snacks.




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June SASA Monthly Members’ Meeting

We had our members’ meeting for the month of June on Thursday the 30th at the Athenaeum. Our “theme” for the evening was a “Three Artist Paint-out” and it made for marvelous viewing. Lyn Northam, Beth Lowe and Sue Paulsen each set up and painted a still-life, from scratch, in their own distinctive style.

It was quite a challenge for our three artists, having to deal with the strange lighting set-up due to load-shedding, as well as fielding questions from members and having people scrutinising their every brush-stroke. Nevertheless, they all rose to the occasion, kept calm and took us with them from start to finish.










We were shown how each artist has their own approach to painting a still life, each having their own preferences regarding composition and colour range. Each told us about their palette, paint and mediums, their different choices in products and brushes, as well as their wonderfully efficient easel set-ups, with everything they need tucked inside them….including space for wet paints and paintings!






Thanks to our very well organised Avril, we were able to wander in and out with cups of tea and coffee, or a platefull of snacks, while we watched the paintings progress…..and thanks to Philip Green for all the lighting, allowing us to see where we were going and what was going on!







Thank you Beth, Lyn and Sue, for giving us your time and sharing your skills. It was a lovely evening.



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SASA June Members’ Monthly Meeting

On Thursday 30 June we’ll be having a “Three Artist Paint-Out” for our members’ meeting. See Lyn Northam, Beth Lowe and Sue Paulsen painting a still-life alla prima at the Athenaeum. A great opportunity for us all to pick up some tips and ask some questions. For more info, please see the latest SASA newsletter.

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Kim Black – Finding your Voice

Our May members’ meeting was held on Thursday 26th, at the Athenaeum and we were privileged to have Kommetjie artist, Kim Black, chatting to us about “Finding Your Voice in Art”.










Kim paints large canvases, with – amongst other subject matter – loose and lovely, brightly coloured flowers and she spoke to us about her process – how she went about finding her own “voice”. She stressed the importance of not comparing yourself to others and to just keep going, no matter how challenging it may be, or how vulnerable you might feel. Kim quoted the words of Picasso “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.










Kim has a plan of five basic steps/rules, which form her pathway to getting where she needs to be with her work and she laid them out for us to help find our own way.










• Pay Attention – to things like the materials you are using and the observations made by your viewers.

• Visual vocabulary – What is it you are trying to say? Which subject matter do you prefer? She referenced books like “Drawing on the artist within”, “Drawing on the right side of the brain” and “The Artist’s Way”

• Do it Afraid – don’t be brave, just do it scared! When we feel vulnerable, our most authentic self comes out.

• The power of connection – exposing your vulnerability makes you more accessible to more people.

• Comparison is the thief of joy – Don’t compare yourself to others. Our work is unique to us and should always be so.

Thanks Kim, for an evening both entertaining and thought provoking.

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SASA April Members’ Meeting

Cliff Davies was our guest for the evening on Thursday 28 April at our members’ meeting at the Athenaeum. He gave us an extremely interesting demonstration of the art of “eco-printing”. The effects he achieves and how he goes about the whole process was quite fascinating.







Cliff starts by collecting a variety of pieces of foliage, flowers, seeds, grasses, .etc – in fact any interesting plant material he can lay his hands on. He then places these between heavy sheets of watercolour paper, which he piles about twenty deep, then presses together between two pieces of board, tied tightly together with cable ties.








This bundle is then submerged in water – preferably pond, not tap, to encourage the growth of algae and other microorganisms – where it stays for about a week. Cliff adds bits of iron, lead and other metals, to help create different effects.









Once in the water the whole process is out of his control and the end results are only revealed once the parcel is unwrapped.









A wonderful process, full of “happy accidents”, as we were shown when he unwrapped a batch he’d prepared the week before.

A truly captivating evening, full of exciting new ideas to play with and explore. Thank you Cliff.

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Eco Printing Demo With Cliff Davies

The SASA Members’ Meeting for April 2022 will be held on Thursday 28 April at the Athenaeum. Our special guest for the evening will be Cliff Davies – a past winner in our “Print Media” category – who will be showing us how he does his unique mono prints with natural objects, such as leaves and flower heads. A great new technique to discover and get creative with – an opportunity not to be missed!

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March SASA Members’ Meeting – An Evening with Richard Scott.

We held our March members’ meeting on 31 March in the Athenaeum and were extremely privileged to have Richard Scott as our guest for the evening.

Wow! Where do we start? A “53 year old cool guy”, humble and totally approachable, Richard Scott retired at 33 – having planned to do so at 35 – to follow his passion.










The following excerpt comes from Richard’s website –

“I have always had a passion to create, now I had found how I could marry my hatred of conditioning with my
love of art. Art was my answer. This was a great day. An even greater day when I dropped off five paintings
at Hout Bay Gallery and the owner, John Hargitai, agreed to hang my paintings in his gallery.
John’s partner Marika bought my first painting, right there and then, for R300. The other four were sold in
the same week. Seven more sold in the following three weeks, and 112 in the next 10 months. Two years
later, sales topped 500. In the beginning, I remember looking at the art in Hout Bay Gallery wishing I could
hang there. Now I read ArtReview and wish I could hang there.”








He now lives and loves his life with structure and discipline.  He has a plan! Every day he checks his check list. Family first – and both his son and daughter as well as a niece are employed by him.  Only after he’s checked on his family will he get down to work, which is not a regular 9-5 style. Richard doesn’t paint at all these days, but deals in prints only.  His “signature block” he developed to make life easy for his seven assistants  – his apprentices, like the Old Masters – to “sign” his works (btwn 2005-2011). 









He stopped painting in 2011 due to personal tragedy and took “a year off” before getting back to business and working with prints only. His ambition, ultimately, is to create an Art Foundation – it’s on that plan and no doubt it’ll be achieved.
At the end of his talk, when it came time for questions – I think everyone was a bit shell shocked!  It was pretty mind boggling just listening to all his achievements and the speed at which they happened. The man is a marketing machine – and marketing is what it’s all about! It was an amazing evening getting a glimpse into his world.  

Thank you Richard for an eye-opening evening!