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January Meeting – Demo with Anthony Gadd

The first SASA monthly meeting of 2017 was held at the Athenaeum on Thursday 26 January, bringing with it a long list of new and returning members.




We were treated to a wonderfully creative demo, as Anthony Gadd “deconstructed” a painting for us, sharing with us a lot of “clever tricks” and “happy mistakes”, which give his art its unique qualities.












Anthony uses many unusual materials and techniques. Much of his equipment he gets on the cheap from the hardware store, but when a particular effect is sought, only a particular utensil will do.

Though years of experience, of trial and error, he has discovered what will work and what just won’t and this is the expertise he passed on to us. He fielded questions all through the evening, planting the seeds for so many ideas, to be taken away and tried out at home.

He also shared some lovely “philosophies of life” – inspiring quotes from other artists.

Thank you Anthony, for an enlightening evening.