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At our members’ meeting on Thursday 24 February, we had both the AGM and the drawing competition, with the newly-added sketchbook section.







The formalities came first, with Solly Gutman – thanks Solly – doing his usual well-practiced job in the chair.  Liz Pearson kicked off the meeting with her slide-presentation of the President’s Report. It was quite amazing to see what SASA achieved during this past year, considering that we were dealing with a whole batch of new problems with COVID still very much in the picture. An in depth financial report was delivered by SASA’s very competent treasurer, Mike Forrester.







We had to say goodbye to three of our council members, as Adrian Larkin, Julie Ann Lock and Chris Reabow all stepped down – thank you for all you did while on council – but luckily Adrian will still be involved with the running of Art in the Park. We have three new council members stepping in to take their places – Sonja Frenz, Lynne Menge and Cliff Davies – welcome you three. We do still have room on the council for two more, so please think about volunteering, as we can’t run the society without a council!






The hall was quite full – social-distancing style – so thank you to all members who came. The AGM obviously needs a quorum to take place at all. For the drawing competition, what was lacking in quantity was made up in quality and we had some very beautiful drawings to choose from and vote for.








The winners for the evening were: First place, Sonja Frenz, with “Feeding Frenzy”, second was Liz Pearson, with “The Rope” and in third place was Marina Herbst with “Treasure on its Way”.







The sketch-book section of the competition was won by Lyn Northam. Well done to our winners and a very big Thank You to Deckle Edge for the very generous donation of the prizes.









Thanks to all our council members for all the work you do for our society, it is most appreciated….especially Avril’s delicious catering!

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February Members’ Meeting, AGM and Drawing Competition

Don’t miss the SASA members’ meeting on Thursday 24 Feb at the Athenaeum. We’ll be holding our AGM, as well as the drawing competition – the theme this year is “Coastal Treasures” – so get drawing to enter! See the latest SASA newsletter for details.

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Feb Members’ Meeting, AGM and Drawing Competition

On 25 February, the last Thursday of the month, we held our monthly members’ meeting for the eighth time via zoom, our first AGM to be held using this platform. We’re getting the hang of this!





The meeting was opened by our President, Audrey Innes, who welcomed new members to our society and introduced council member, Adrian Larkin, as MC for the evening. Great job, Adrian, it all went very smoothly.

All the usual AGM protocols were adhered to, with Audrey giving the annual president’s report, which was a little sparse, due to the most peculiar year we’ve had, and Mike Forrester – SASA treasurer – giving the financial report.

A useful suggestion was made by one of the members attending that some sort of schedule of events be drawn up at the beginning of the year so that new members would know what to expect. It was also suggested that one of our more long-standing members should be at our monthly meetings to welcome newcomers to the society. Lyn Northam very kindly volunteered for this role.

Then came the drawing competition, for which 18 entries had been submitted via email and for which votes could be cast either again via email, or over the zoom “chat” after the meeting.

We had some very beautiful entries, but the overall favourites, voted for by members who attended the meeting were…..








in first place,”Rainy Days are the Best”                        second was “Hidden Treasures”                                           by Sonja Frenz                                                      by  Penny Steynor


and third was “Fun Times” by Sue Paulsen.


Well done you three and enjoy spending your vouchers, which were very kindly sponsored by Deckle Edge.


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SASA AGM and Drawing Competition

On the 27th of February, the last Thursday of the month, we held our AGM in the Athenaeum. As is our tradition, it was combined with the annual drawing competition.








Solly Gutman played his usual role as chairman for the evening, introduced by our president, Audrey Innes. Audrey gave a wonderful slide presentation, showing all the activities and events of what has been a very busy and successful year for the society.








She welcomed the new SASA members and sadly, said goodbye to three of our council members – Glenda, Mary and Kate. Thanks to all three of you for your hard work and especially to Glenda, who has served on the council for the past twelve years. They were all thanked with a gift and Glenda also received honorary membership, in recognition of and gratitude for her many years of service.








Luckily two more members – Peter Hobday and Nicole Reidler – have stepped up and were introduced as our new council members. (There’s still room for another, if anyone else would like to volunteer their services.)

Mike, our trusty treasurer gave a very concise, yet comprehensive run-down of the financial side of things.







The drawing competition was next on the agenda, and while there were fewer entries than usual, what was lacking in quantity, was more than made up for in the quality of the work – we had some very beautiful drawings from which to make our selection.

Well done to our winners – in third place, Sunita Hansen, with “Daily Bread”,







second was Penny Steynor’s “The Road Sweeper”








and in first place, Sonja Frenz with “View of Kalk Bay”.







Thanks to everyone involved for making this a very pleasant evening.


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SASA 2019 AGM and Drawing Competition

The 116th SASA AGM was held on Thursday 28 February, at the home of our society, the Athenaeum in Newlands.








As has become tradition, SASA Fellow, Solly Gutman very kindly agreed to chair the meeting, doing a great job and adding gravitas to the formal part of the evening, as he smoothly worked his way through the set agenda.

Our president, Audrey Innes, gave a slide-show presentation on the past year’s activities of the society and, looking back on it all, it’s quite amazing how much we fitted in!






Mike Forrester delivered the treasurer’s report and the council was elected. There was a call for nominations for prospective council members to be put forward and any points of concern to be raised, but none were, so we must assume our members are content with the status quo.






With the dry half of the meeting out of the way, we could get down to the real reason we came – the annual drawing competition, the theme of which for this year, was “Water”.

There were some lovely entries to choose from, but the loveliest of all was “Church Street”, by Marcelle Lyons, which won first prize and the trophy. Well done Marcelle.




In second place was Liz Pearson with “Submerged” and third was Avril Retief’s “The Rescue”. All beautiful work and worthy winners.

A big thanks to “The Deckle Edge” for donating vouchers for the prizes and to “Artland” who gave us a very good deal on their imported sketchbooks.


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2018 SASA AGM and Drawing Competition

On Thursday 22 Feb we had a good turn-out of members at our AGM at the Athenaeum, with Solly Gutman taking his usual, competent place in the chair.





Judging by the President’s Report, the past twelve months have been an extremely busy – and hopefully productive – time for all of our members. Packed with outings, workshops, meetings and exhibitions as it was, it was certainly not a boring year.

After the formalities of the evening were completed, we could get down to the important task of judging the drawing competition. There were many beautiful and varied interpretations of the theme “Ebony and Ivory”, but winners had to be chosen.






In first place we had Sonja Frenz, with her lovely “Trees at Sunnyside”, second was “Khasab” by Fiona Nichols and, in third place, Frederick Krause with “Pride”. Well done to the three of you, for your very worthy winning entries.

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2017 AGM and Drawing Competition

We had a nicely full hall at the Athenaeum for our February SASA members’ meeting on Thursday the 23rd. This is when we traditionally hold our AGM and annual drawing competition, and the walls were lined with some very beautiful entries.








Under Solly Gutman’s expert chairmanship,  the meeting went very smoothly indeed. Glenda Chambers presented her wonderfully positive president’s report, which illustrated for us just how well our society is performing, growing both in membership and in expertise.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGlenda presented  Liesl Hartman, of the Peter Clarke Art Centre, with a cheque for R10 000, as part of the SASA outreach programme. This donation was gratefully accepted by Liesl, who told us of the wonderful projects happening at the Art Centre, aimed at children from poorer areas. The money will certainly be put to good use.

Last on the evening’s agenda was the drawing competition. After carefully studying the entries, decisions were made and votes were cast.

Then, while the officials were doing the tallying up, everyone else enjoyed a splendidly sociable tea, thanks to Mary and her team.

The winners of the competition were, in third place, Mary McMillan, second Adele Sanders and first place went to Craig Paton-Ash. Well done you three for your outstanding work.