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Table Mountain Sketching Hike







The weather didn’t play ball on Wednesday 30 September and it was rather rainy, so the scheduled hike had to be postponed, but it certainly made up for it the next day.

We had perfect weather for hiking and sketching and the few of us who got there certainly made the most of it. Tafelberg Road was lined with cars right down to the bottom, so it would appear a lot of people decided to take advantage of the beautiful day by visiting our mountain.

We gathered on Tafelberg Road below the cable station and hiked for about half an hour up the track to the beacon on the contour path. From this vantage point we had wonderful views all round and plenty of choice for sketching, perched like dassies, on the conveniently flat, rocky outcrops.

So absorbed were we in our work, it wasn’t till about three hours later that someone realised the time and thought we’d better be starting back.

Thoroughly inspired, we headed down the mountain with sunburnt noses and wobbly knees, but satisfyingly full sketchbooks.








Thanks to Linda Howe-Ely for organising the outing – we’ll have to do it again very soon!

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