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September 2021 SASA Members’ Meeting

We were back in the Athenaeum for our Thursday, 30 September Members’ meeting and it was good to have everyone there in person again, though we were all weirdly “spaced out” and adhering to covid protocols.

Our guest for the evening was SASA Senior Fellow, Jeremy Day, who gave an illustrated talk about his work, entitled “Thinking and creating inside and outside the box”.







Jeremy started out in graphic design and later studied Fine Art at the Ruth Prowse Art School, under Erik Laubscher. He works in acrylics, which lends itself to creating fine details….besides, as he says, he doesn’t have the patience to wait for paint to dry! He uses Nathaniel Kleitman’s work cycle – 90 minutes work and a 20 minute rest – which he believes increases productivity and keeps the work fresh, and leaves himself a “cliff-hanger” at the end of each 90 minute session, so he’s excited to get back to work after his break!

Jeremy told us how he creates his image, manipulating with photoshop, printing out on A4 sections and transferring it to the canvas from there. He doesn’t use a palette, but mixes batches of colour and keeps each in a plastic container with a lid, to stop the paint from drying out and to ensure he has the exact same colour if a touch-up is needed.










He works from background to foreground, adding details as he goes, with his own little touches of humour – for the “spark trail” of the crayola dynamite painting he’d brought with him, Jeremy stuck on all sorts of bits and pieces of paint scraps he’d collected over the years….and because the canvas edge is so deep, he painted and extra stick of crayon dynamite on either side.

Thanks Jeremy for giving us of your time and expertise…..and thanks to our members for getting there. See you again next month!


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