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SASA/CAS Hiking/Sketching Outing



Our sketching hike to the lower Silvermine Valley, scheduled for 19 October, was postponed due to inclement weather and took place on 2 November.


Six artists – and one dog – met at the Silvermine carpark, from where we made our way up a flower-scattered path, past the ruined farmhouse, to the stream. It was a very hot day, but we found some welcome shade under a spreading oak tree, beside the running water, where we each settled in our own little spot to concentrate on some serious sketching.

There was a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere, with a background track of singing birds and chirping frogs.

The peace was shattered by loud, frantic squawking, as a flock of nesting weaver birds chased off a huge boomslang, which was after their eggs.


After watching in fascination as this little drama unfolded and the snake slithered away, we were ready to leave and packed up for the short walk back to our cars.

Thank you Linda Howe Ely, for organising yet another great outing.

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