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SASA Merit Exhibition 2021

On Thursday 28 January was hanging day of the SASA Merit Exhibition in the Richard Crowie Hall at Kirstenbosch. We had an alphabetically staggered, socially distanced drop-off system for our artists, which worked very well, and a small, but very efficient team of helpers, facilitating smooth processing.








The number of artists who presented work for this exhibition was a lot lower than we have become accustomed to, meaning a lot fewer paintings to hang.








Because of the fewer pieces to place, we were, for the most part, able to hang each artist’s body of work together and leave “breathing space” between them, creating a very beautiful exhibition. A couple of pieces were even sold while we were busy hanging them, which was a wonderful start!






Many thanks to our hard-working council and everyone who helped on the day, or volunteered their services for “sitting duty” – we couldn’t do this without you – and thanks also to Avril, for keeping us fed throughout the day.

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