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SASA Life-Drawing Studio 2022

Saturday 18 June was the fifth and final official SASA life-drawing session for this season……Although our artists have enjoyed it so much, many of them will be joining exciting little groups that meet regularly, so they can carry on with it. Wonderful!









Our model for this session was Jessie, whom we all know well…..mind you she looks a little different from the last time we met, with her short, vividly coloured hair!







Jess is so relaxed and totally happy in her body, that we get offered really lovely, natural looking poses, that are great to draw. We also get the more difficult ones, which challenge our eyes with foreshortening and unusual angles.








Once again, our artists have used exciting styles and techniques, each personally unique, which makes for very interesting viewing.





Thanks to Sonja and Avril for all the organising you do to set this up for us…..and thanks to all our “drawers” – see you next year.

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