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SASA Life Drawing Session 3










A clear, but very chilly Saturday 2 July saw the 3rd SASA Life Drawing session for this season……and thank heavens for heaters – it was 3 degrees in the Newlands Scout Hall this morning!




Our model for the morning was Robyn, who is lovely to draw, with her elegant proportions and serene demeanour.




There was a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere in the hall, as everyone got involved with their charcoal, paints and pencils. The cold was forgotten, beautiful images were produced and time flew.

Huge thanks must go to Lyn Northam, who very kindly, allows us to use her equipment for life drawing. I’m not sure what we would do without her tables and easels – we’d all have a lot more luggage to bring, that’s for sure!

Thanks as well, to all those who helped with setting up and clearing up afterwards – your help is very much appreciated. See you next week.

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