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Robert Slingsby’s Illustrated Talk

Robert Slingsby came to speak to us at our April members’meeting on Thursday 28 April and despite the pouring rain outside, the hall at the Athenaeum was full. He and his lovely assistant – his wife Janis – kept us enthralled right till the end.

Robert spoke of his experience of the Richtersveld from a very young age, of the people, their culture and the fascinating, ancient engravings he came across in the rocks. He spoke of the dreadful changes in the area, as the culture and traditions of the people were quashed and the people themselves eventually forced out.

From there, he took us on a journey to Ethiopia, where the same ancient patterns were repeated in the huge temples carved deep into the stone of the land. We were introduced to beautiful tribes of people who again used the same designs in their skin decoration and body adornments.

Robert’s passion for Africa and her people is made apparent in his speech and body language, as well as in his own art (which he didn’t include in his talk) and we would gladly have listened to him describe his experiences for many more hours, had there been the time.





Thank you Robert, for the enlightenment.

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