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The Opening of SASA Members 1 Exhibition









After the “hanging team” had spent a very busy day finding comfortable space for the huge number of paintings we had to display, the John Winter Hall at Kirstenbosch was looking wonderful for the opening of the exhibition. The beauty of it all was further enhanced by Helen Estcourt’s exquisite flower arrangement.

The exhibition was officially opened by Liesl Hartman, principal of the Peter Clarke Art Centre and an accomplished artist in her own right. She gave a lovely, warm speech about stories and connections, especially those created and inspired by works of art.

Mary McMillan did her usual great job with the catering and Adrian’s bar was buzzing. Thanks to those who helped out with the service. It all added up to a marvelously sociable evening, enjoyed by artists and guests alike, helped along by a good number of sales. An excellent start to a potentially very successful exhibition.








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