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October Meeting with Mary Visser



At our members’ meeting on 29 October, we were privileged to have Mary Visser speak to us about her progression as an artist.

Her talk, entitled “The Courage to Play”, took us on a journey through her experiences as a student and a teacher, as well as experiments and discoveries in her studio and on her wanderings in big cities.

For Mary, painting needs to be fun, the studio an enjoyable space, where work becomes play and everything collected along the way becomes part of that work.

We first saw her painting in oils, from photographs in airports, harbours and cities, as through a “window”. Her paintings were representational, though with very expressive brush work. Gradually her focus changed, as she zoomed in on the smallest details.

Her brush strokes became looser and quicker and her paintings more and more abstracted. Eventually Mary discovered acrylic paints, which allowed her to work even more quickly and on many pieces at once.









She discarded her photographic reference and the colour and brush strokes became of primary importance, resulting in her current abstract style.

Thanks Mary, for allowing us to be part of your wonderful creative adventure.

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