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May SASA Members’ Meeting




On Thursday 26 May, four of our Fellows – Jeremy Day, Laura Wenman, Mary Serrurier and Penny Steynor – brought their equipment and their skills to the Athenaeum and kept us entertained for the evening, as they demonstrated their various creative techniques. Fanie le Roux was to have joined them as well, but was unable to, due to his having recently undergone surgery on his back. We wish you a speedy recovery, Fanie.







The many members who attended watched in fascination as the works of art were created right there, on the spot. A blank canvas became a landscape, or portrait, in no time at all.

The artists explained their process and shared tips on color mixing and materials, passing on their knowledge to all who cared to ask and to listen. There wasn’t time for the works to be finished completely, but they came close and gave us a very good idea of what they would look like when completed.

The four fellows each has a distinct style, each very different from the other, so by the end of the evening our members came away with a whole lot of new ideas and techniques to try out in future works of their own.

A very big thank you to the four of you, for sharing your wealth of skill and experience with us.

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