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March Members’ Meeting

On Thursday night 30 March, five of our fabulous fellows demonstrated just exactly what can be achieved in a mere ninety minutes.

We had Wyn Rossouw and her fascinating sketchbooks; Solly Gutman showing us his scraper-board secrets; Lyn Northam whipping up a seascape in oils; Veronica Reid and her perfect pastels and Laura Wenman turning a vase of flowers into a portrait.






Our annual fellows demo evening is fast becoming the most popular of our monthly gatherings and with very good reason.

These accomplished artists take the time to allow us to witness their creative process, sharing tips on techniques and utensils, giving us a chance to really pick their brains and gather a lot of very useful information, that we might otherwise never have stumbled upon.

I’m sure the many members who attended will be spending the next few days using the head-full of inspiration they acquired, trying out some new ideas and getting wonderfully creative in their studios.

Thank you fellows, for a fascinating evening. 


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