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Lionel Smit studio visit

On 4 June a group of lucky SASA members were taken on a walkabout of
Lionel Smit’s studio in the Strand. Lionel showed us around himself,
sharing his space with us in his own comfortable way.

We were all blown away by the sheer magnitude of his work – both in
size and quantity – and the vastness of his studio space. We were first
taken to his (extremely tidy) screen printing studio, where he explained
the process of multiple colour printing.

Next came his amazing painting studio, where he had about sixty
canvases in various sizes, from large to gargantuan and in varying
stages of completion. One of our group was heard to say “I think I’ve
died and gone to heaven!” His use and combination of colour is just
superb, as is is collection of enormous tubes of paint!

The sculpture studio was just as impressive and just as filled with Lionel’s fabulous works, totally contradicted by his casual, modest demeanor.

Thanks, Lionel for an uplifting, yet humbling visit. You have a magnificent studio and team of assistants – quite fitting for your wonderful work.

Dear reader, please excuse all the superlatives in this post, but believe me, nothing else would do!


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