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Life Drawing Evening

We are experimenting with evening life drawing sessions on the second Thursday of each month, the first of which, on the 9th of March, was extremely well-received.

If these sessions continue to be well attended, they will become a regular item on the SASA calendar, so if you are interested, be sure to book your place.

Our model for the evening was Desire, whom our winter regulars will know well. Those who hadn’t met her before were very impressed by her lovely poses and the serenity of her demeanor.


As Desire is such an experienced model, we could ask her to hold the last pose for over an hour, which gave us time to produce relatively finished pieces.

Three hours flew by in an atmosphere of peaceful concentration in the hall at the Athenaeum and everyone went home well satisfied with their evening’s work.








Grateful thanks to all those who helped clear up afterwards.

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