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Life Drawing at the Athenaeum






The second  in our monthly, life drawing evenings was once again a huge success. On Thursday 13 April, despite the wet, though welcome, rainy weather and the fact that it was the beginning of the Easter weekend, we had a comfortable crowd in the hall.



Our model for the evening was Vanessa, with her quirky hair and voluptuous body, giving us a whole different assortment of lines and shapes to draw. She also, most impressively, managed to hold the final pose for over an hour without a break, so everyone could really get stuck in and produce a finished drawing, or painting, if they so desired.


Once again, we passed a pleasant and peaceful evening together, honing our drawing skills, discovering and sharing new techniques. The more we learn, the more we realise how much we have yet to learn.


Thanks to all those who helped tidy up afterwards – it went amazingly quickly with your many hands! Hope to see you all again next month, for another satisfying session.

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