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Last of the Winter Life Drawing Sessions








We had the 5th and final life drawing session for this year, on Saturday 25 July. Our scheduled model couldn’t be there, but had given us the contact details of a replacement…….and what a replacement he was!

Although Byron has not had much experience as an artist’s model, he did a great job for us and I’m sure will be very much in demand in the future. Both his face and body were wonderful to draw. His chiseled features and well defined muscles gave us lovely shapes and shadows, angles and planes, which translated so well onto paper and canvas.

It has been such a successful season in our new venue, the Newlands Scout Hall, that most of the regulars would’ve liked to have kept on coming for a few more weeks, but at least there are all sorts of SASA plein air outings to look forward to in the Summer months.







Thanks everyone for your participation and your help and special thanks to Lyn Northam for so generously sharing her space and lending us all her equipment.

See you all next year!

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