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Landscape, Life and Still-Life Competition

At the SASA members’ meeting on Thursday the 28th of July, the main event was the Landscape, Life and Still-Life competition, which always takes place at this time of year, when our members have been enjoying the workshops, life-drawing studio and, when the weather was kind, even plein air painting mornings.








There were some beautiful pieces to admire and vote for. The seating arrangements were casual and comfortable, as opposed to straight lines, so we could all move around with ease, while voting, listening to the critique, or just enjoying a cup of tea and a chat.






Well done to our three “critics” – Karen Burns, Laura Wenman and Penny Steynor – they did an excellent job. Their comments were succinct and very useful. In fact our members so enjoyed their feedback, that some went back for more at the end of the evening.

Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, we had great prizes for the winners in each category – Canvases donated by “Artland” and vouchers from “Brush and Canvas”. We also had eight “spot-prizes” to give away, which was a treat. All members present were in for a chance as the names were “pulled out of a hat” after tea. These prizes were donated by “Creative Arts Atelier”, “ETH Canvas” and hampers containing a paintbrush holder, paintbrush cleaner and paint spreader from “Brush and Canvas”.









The winners in the three categories were: 

Landscape – 1st, Beth Lowe’s “Clouds Cape”; 2nd, Lynne Menge’s “Cape of Storms” and 3rd, Johanneke Strydom’s”Lonely Bluegum”.










Life – 1st Grazyna Janik’s “Daydreaming”; 2nd Penny Steynor’s “Sebastian” and 3rd Beth Lowe’s “Ibis Island”.










Still Life – 1st Johanneke Strydom’s “Olives”, 2nd Penny Steynor’s “Abundance” and 3rd “Beth Lowe’s “The Treat”.









Well done to all our prize-winners, especially to Beth Lowe, who earned a place in the top three for all categories!









Thanks, as always, to our council members, for all their hard work, organising and putting it all together…..not least, Avril, for providing the very welcome tea and snacks.




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