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The Good Shepherd Church Fund Raising

SASA’s painter’s outing this past month took place at the Good Shepherd Church below the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens.  The church is in poor condition and needs extensive renovations, which will require a considerable sum of money.

A few of the artists who completed their drawings and paintings donated these to the Church.  David Beatty, a SASA member, very kindly donated mounting boards.  Together David and Patricia Fraser mounted and framed paintings or covered the drawings in cellophane ready for auction.  These were then presented to Mr Andrew Wilson who is in charge of the fundraising. He was very pleased with the donation and plans to auction them to get the best possible prices.

Andrew would welcome further works, which may be donated or, as was done with one piece, the artist may prefer to donate a percentage of the sale price to the Church.

Anyone wishing to assist in this worthy cause is welcome to contact Andrew Wilson on 021 762-2464.

 Some of the art works from the outing.

2 thoughts on “The Good Shepherd Church Fund Raising

  1. Lovely work, I like them all and hope that the donation of those works will be of benefit for the church. A luncheon with an auction?

  2. What a lovely idea, maybe they should consider it….

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