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Gavin Rain Studio Visit Copy

On Saturday morning, 11 March, a lucky group of SASA members were treated to a visit to the Paarden Eiland studio of Gavin Rain. It’s a wonderful light and airy space in which he works his magic with acrylic paint.

Gavin gave a fascinating talk, taking us through his process and speaking in depth about the marketing of his work.

The colours he uses and the dots that form his neo-pointilist paintings may seem random, but are actually very carefully, almost mathematically chosen.

The size of the dots gives tonal variation and the number of dots determines the distance the viewer must stand from the canvas for it to “come into focus”. He has made up a colour chart of thousands of dots – each with five different colours – and even worked with a paint chemist to develop special acrylic paint for his work.


His intention is for people to engage with the paintings, by looking closely and then stepping back – appreciating the abstract colours, dots and patterns, then seeing the portrait emerge, as one gets further away.





Thank you Gavin, for a truly inspiring morning and to Michele Batchelder for arranging it for us.

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