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Deep South Studio Visits

The first of our studio visits for 2017 happened on Friday 17 February, when a group of artists met in Glencairn Heights, at the home of our own bold adventurer, Yvonne Ankerman.

Yvonne spoke to us about her passion for plein air painting and let us browse through her many, beautifully filled sketch books. Surrounded as she is, by the most magnificent views, it’s a wonder Yvonne ever leaves her studio, let alone ventures as far as the South Pole!


Our next stop was Karin Davel’s lovely creative space, which is a treasure trove of beautiful things. Karin works in many, varying media, intriguing us all with her demonstration, in which she used a sewing machine to produce a picture of an aloe. We were served a lovely tea with snacks, which we enjoyed, looking out over the bay.

Ronnie Biccard’s colourful home in Fishhoek was the last stop on our agenda. Ronnie told us about her journey as an artist and the inspiration that leads her to work as she does. She showed us the unique range of hand painted bags she calls “Art on Your Arm” and her brightly decorated furniture, which enhances her “happy space”.

The light lunch she served was the perfect end to an enlightening morning. Thanks to the three hosting artists and to Michele Batchelder for arranging it all.

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