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Colour Mixing Workshop with Johanneke Strydom

On 14 May, Johanneke Strydom hosted the second of the SASA Winter Workshop series, at the Peter Clarke Art Centre. Johanneke, who  typically paints landscapes and seascapes, in fresh, vibrant colours, showed us how to mix colours from a limited palette, using as a starting point, the wonderful subtleties of hue and shade found in water.







Using only the primary colours, we were asked to create a colour wheel, allowing us to really understand the composition of each colour and the nuances one can create with slight additions, or subtractions.








Our next task was a “Notan” – a layout of the dark and light areas – of our reference photograph. This was to show us the balance of contrasting areas, which we should strive for when adding colour. Then we moved on to the actual colours we’d be using to create our final pieces for the day.








Johanneke lives in the lovely countryside near Wolseley, and prefers plein air painting, spending time daily in fields and beaches. She stresses the need to figure out the real colours of nature, using logic, as well as our artist’s eye to get them right.

Thank you Johanneke, for a lovely, fun-filled morning and for inspiring us to get out there and paint en plein air.



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