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July Members meeting


This month’s members’ meeting was held on Thursday 30 July at the Athenaeum in Newlands.


The evening started off with a presentation by Di Metcalf, from Artsauce, of their “Sketchpack Project”, a wonderful initiative which encourages creative expression through daily drawing.

Each sketchpack is a zig-zag of water colour, or sketching paper, with enough pages for a sketch a day for the month of August and these will be exhibited at Artsauce in October.


The second part of our meeting was dedicated to the Life, Still-life and Landscape competition. A competition for “alla prima” (Italian for “at first attempt”) paintings and drawings. This is a competition for work done on the spot, with no fiddling about, or fixing up afterwards and the only competition in which our members are encouraged to enter unfinished works.

Catherine Moss, of Artsauce and our own Lyn Northam, very kindly agreed to crit the entries on the evening and had words of encouragement for every artist.







We had a lot of lovely work to look at and vote for. Difficult decisions had to be made, but the winners were Lyn Northam, for her beautiful “Sunlit Trees” in the “Landscape” category, while Penny Steynor took well-deserved first place in both the “Still-life” and “Life” categories.

Well done to both of you. Have fun spending your prizes – vouchers, generously donated by Artsauce.


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June 25 SASA Members’ Meeting




The June SASA members’ meeting was an exciting one. Mike Taberner,  from Brandesign, introduced to us the brand new SASA online gallery, attached to our new-look website.






The Brandesign team has done a wonderful job of meeting all the aesthetic, as well as marketing needs, associated with a gallery of this kind. The response from the large number of SASA members who attended the meeting, was extremely positive, with much interaction and thought provoking input from many.



The Q&A part of the presentation was very interesting, with a lot of new ideas put forward to think about and discuss. Thanks Mike and the Brandesign team – we’re looking forward to a very successful site.


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May Monthly Member’s Meeting

Yvonne Ankerman spoke to us on Thursday 28 May about her travels last year, aboard the ship, MS Expedition .

She was employed as “resident ship’s artist” on the voyage from Cape Town
to Morocco, giving art classes and chronicling the trip in sketches and
water colour paintings, in between her regular crew duties.

Yvonne told us of her experiences in the countries all the way up the West coast of Africa and illustrated her talk with wonderfully colourful slides and a couple of very full sketch books. All the paintings she did on the voyage – fortunate for her, not so for us – were bought as mementos by her fellow travelers.

Everyone who heard her presentation is now thoroughly
afflicted by the
travel bug and there’s a wishful waiting
list of “assistants” for her
next voyage……which it seems
will be to Antarctica………followed by South

Thanks Yvonne for the inspiration . We’ll all do the next trip vicariously through you……can’t wait for those photographs.

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April 30th Members’ Meeting

At our most recent members’ meeting on the 30th of April, ten fellows
of SASA gave us a demo.

They each started with a blank canvas
and a plan for a painting. Some brought objects for still life, some
worked from photographs and others brought their models with them for

In an hour or two, these very generous fellows, unlocked their secrets of their technique for us and produced artworks from scratch while a mesmerised crowd watched them take shape.

This was a nerve-wracking task for the artists. Each one of them, in that noisy, crowded hall, managed to answer questions and explain their process, while keeping calm and focused on their work. By the end of the evening, each had produced a finished (or very nearly finished) piece and every member who attended was itching to get home and paint. What they took home with them was a huge helping of energising inspiration with which to enhance their own work.

So…. a huge “Thank You” must go to the ten participating fellows – Ros Walters, Fanie Le Roux, Helen van Stolk, Christine Cherry-Jones,
Laura Wenman, Wyn Rossouw, Lyn Northam, Jeremy Day, Solly Gutman, Penny
Steynor – for sharing their time and expertise with us. This was a wonderful event and one which we hope to repeat with a different selection of artists.

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March Monthly Meeting – Art as Investment!

Our March meeting was one with a difference. Alfie Bester, director and fiduciary specialist with Legacy FS, gave us a very interesting talk on art as an investment. We had our eyes opened to the workings of the investment world, provoking thoughts and ideas that would previously never have crossed our minds.

Alfie is himself an avid art collector, who has firsthand knowledge of the benefits of buying art, not only for its aesthetic value, but also for investment purposes. One has to buy with an educated eye and knowledge of the market, which Alfie, being one of the founder members of the Citadel art price index, certainly has. The index is used to analyse and track the value changes in art over a period of time.

These are not concepts we generally ponder while slaving away in our studios, but maybe one day it’ll be one of us whose work is considered an investment. Of course, if you happen to be another Pablo Picasso, every scribble you make will be worth millions!

We were given much food for thought….and for eating, for that matter…..the wine and snacks, which lent a festive air to the meeting, were sponsored by “Legacy FS”

    Thank you Alfie for a most informative evening.

    …..and well done Glenda on your first meeting as
    President of SASA!

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2015 Annual General Meeting

The SASA AGM was held at the Athenaeum on Thursday 26 February.


 Our current president, Linda Howe-Ely, delivered her “State of the Society” address and announced
 her resignation from the post, after serving in various positions on the council for 12 years. Thanks
 Linda for all those years, we’re going to miss you. She thanked the other two outgoing council
 members – Denzil Haenow and Solly Gutman – and welcomed the incoming members to the council.

After the serious business of the meeting was concluded,
the attending members cast their votes for their favourites
in the annual drawing competition. This year’s theme was
“Coffee”, a subject which could have many different

When all the votes were tallied, the winners were…. in third
place Drexler Kyzer, with his drawing entitled “Coffee Break”,
second place went to Taubelle Gersh for “Better Latte Than Never”
and Craig Paton-Ash was the winner with his beautiful still-life,
“B1 for Coffee”.

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First SASA Meeting for 2015

On Thursday 29 January, we held our first members’ meeting for 2015. Welcome back everyone.

Our guest “speaker” was Vicki Norcliffe, who demonstrated her wonderful technique for creating portraits in pastels.

Vicki’s first step was arranging and lighting her model, Desire, who always does a great job of sitting for us!

The audience was captivated as Vicki, starting with a few carefully placed charcoal lines and, using swift strokes of colour, which were blended, smudged and overlaid, built her portrait in a remarkably short space of time.

I’m sure there are many of our members who’ll be doing some experimenting with pastels. Thank you Vicki, for sharing your fresh approach and giving us a new set of creative “tools” to work with


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September Monthly Meeting

      On Thursday 25 September the judges from
      the selection weekend – Riaan Cronje, Jenny
      Parsons and David Oertel – joined us at our
      members’ meeting to critique works which
      had been presented for selection, but not
      necessarily been chosen for the annual

They explained their personal criteria for the
allocation of points and what they looked for
in an artwork. We were shown what makes an
artwork work well and what doesn’t.


      They all did a fine job of offering
      constructive criticism. Not only showing
      us the faults in a painting, but giving us a
      way of correcting them too.


 Many queries were very satisfactorily 
 answered and solutions given.

 It was a most useful and informative evening
 for all who attended. Thanks, judges.

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AUGUST MONTHLY MEETING – Lyn Northam on plein air painting

Lyn Northam – a SASA Fellow – came to
speak to us at the August meeting and, literally and figuratively, unpacked her plein air painting bag in front of a crowded house.

         She gave us the benefit of her years of experience of
         outdoor painting, sharing her secrets regarding
         equipment, as well as tips on where to go and what
         to avoid.

Lyn’s sketchbooks provided valuable
information on the planning of a plein air painting and gave us an insight into her
thought processes concerning choice of
palette and composition.


     Lyn believes that to be a plein air 
     artist it helps to be slightly mad!
     To capture the nuances of light in
     clouds and mist, you have to be
     out there, so ignore the weather
     forecast and go anyway.

She urges us to “Pick more daisies and smell the sea spray.”

Thank you Lyn, for the inspiration. I’m sure you’ll soon
be seeing a lot more of us packing up and “venturing into
the great outdoors”.