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May Monthly Meeting

What a night!  

Artist, teacher and gallery owner, Lesley Charnock regaled us with her trials and tribulations about using a sketch book and how she had to overcome her own reticence about using one in public when she spent a two month sabbatical at the Cite in Paris.

From just that little sketch book, came some wondrous work – and that was the message Lesley wanted to impart – the absolute importance of sketching daily.  Take your sketch book with you wherever you go.  Sketch anything and everything and never mind what it looks like.  It’s your practice tool and the high road to becoming a really good artist.

Thank you Lesley – it really was a great night!

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The February Meeting

Don’t forget that next week we’ll be holding both our AGM – AND our drawing competition.

The rules and regs are in the latest newsletter, but a re-cap on the basic information –

The theme is Flotsam and Jetsam – so hope you’ve been picking up bits and pieces from the beach during your holidays!

You can only vote for your favourite piece if you are there

Please mount your work otherwise it flops around and will probably get lost or torn

 Because it’s a Drawing Competition, only monochrome images are allowed – so if you fancy green, the whole drawing must be done in green!  But no paint, no solvents, only drawing materials

And this one is serious – you must own or have written permission to use any pictorial reference material.  Copyright infringement is an offence.

Even if you don’t participate in the drawing competition, please make an effort to attend this very important, once-a-year, Annual General Meeting.

See you there.