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October SASA Members’ Meeting

We were in the Athenaeum again on Thursday 28 October for our members’ meeting and judges critique of work from the Annual Selection Weekend. We had a good spread-out crowd – in fact the hall was about as full as possible, so we couldn’t have fitted many more in. Lovely to see all our members, old and new, coming together again.








Liz opened the meeting by thanking council and judges for all their hard work – and Philip Green for the back-up lighting he supplied in case of load-shedding, which thankfully, we didn’t need. The library was also open before the meeting, with a special sale of magazines.









The format was slightly different this year, due to the fact that the paintings were all on exhibition and couldn’t be presented “in person”. We had projected images of the prize-winning works, which the judges spoke about, explaining their reasons for choosing these particular pieces.










We were very lucky to have all three judges – Marc Alexander, Cindie Ah Ling and Andrew Hart – there for most of the evening and they – for the most part – were in complete agreement on the allocation of awards.











They commented on good composition, with placement and treatment of focal point; the use of colour to create aerial perspective; use of chiaroscuro for effect; skillful technique, etc. So we were given all sorts of hints and guides on how to enhance and improve our own work.








The prize-winners were presented with their certificates and the “best-in-category”, their trophies. We also had two members who were awarded Fellowship of the society – well done to Karen Burns and Pam Quinlan for the well-deserved accolades.









Thanks to all involved for a joyful and informative evening. See you all again next month , same time, same place, for November’s meeting and the end of year function.

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SASA Zoom Meeting for July

On Thursday 29 July we had our monthly members’ meeting, as has become usual, via Zoom and we had a record 49 participants. We’re getting the hang of this!







Liz Pearson opened the meeting by welcoming new and returning members and gave us the good advice to “keep creating, no matter what”! She reminded us that the annual selection weekend has been moved to  the weekend of the 4th and 5th of September – if anyone can lend a hand on the day/s, please let Audrey know –


As is traditional for the July meeting, we held our (slightly modified) Landscape, Life and Still-Life competition, which was extremely well supported. We had so many beautiful entries, the judges had a really hard time choosing the winners, but they eventually managed to decide.

We had three “critics” – Lyn Northam, Laura Wenman and Beth Lowe – who discussed the winning works and the possible reasons they caught the judges’ eye.

In the “Landscape” category, 3rd was Lyn Northam’s “Foraging Ibis”, 2nd Beth Lowe’s”Virga (Ghost Rain)” and in 1st place Mary McMillan’s “Any Way the Wind Blows”.




The winners in the “Life” category were, in 3rd place, Katherine Sutton’s “Inky Play”, 2nd “Serenity” by Lesley Charnock and 1st was Val Watt’s “Contemplation”.






Lesley Charnock featured again in the “Still-Life” category, placed 3rd with her painting entitled “From Margie’s Garden”, 2nd was Wyn Rossouw’s “Hibiscus Sunlight” and in 1st place, Penny Steynor’s “Home Grown”.





The critics congratulated the judges on their choices, where “out-of-the-ordinary” featured well in the winning works. The paintings were complimented on their unusual composition, colour choices and values, as well as a sense of movement, even in the still-life category. The critiques also included the beautiful use of brush-strokes and negative spaces, as well as mark-making done with alternative tools, each painting masterfully executed in it’s own unique way.

Congratulations to all the winners, and well done, our three critics. Great job everyone!


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August Members’ Meeting – Judges Critique

On Thursday 29 August Marc Alexander and John Pace, two of our hard-working selection weekend judges, came to give us a critique on work submitted for selection and to explain their allocation of points. A seriously difficult task, as they’d had about 320 paintings presented to them for judging on the day.







What a pleasure it was to get their feedback and some positive criticism, which is always an invaluable tool for growth and improvement in the studio.






It also gave them – the judges – a chance to study the work more closely, bearing in mind that they only had a few moments to view each piece on selection day and give it a score, before it was whisked away and replaced by another.





The evening was well attended and our members took home with them some useful tips and insights. We get protective and attached to our work, so it’s always good to be forced to view it from a different perspective.







Slight changes in technique and composition, or even subject matter, can make the world of difference to an artwork. So, thank you Marc and John for taking the time to share your observations with us.