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SASA Life-Drawing Studio 2022

Saturday 18 June was the fifth and final official SASA life-drawing session for this season……Although our artists have enjoyed it so much, many of them will be joining exciting little groups that meet regularly, so they can carry on with it. Wonderful!









Our model for this session was Jessie, whom we all know well…..mind you she looks a little different from the last time we met, with her short, vividly coloured hair!







Jess is so relaxed and totally happy in her body, that we get offered really lovely, natural looking poses, that are great to draw. We also get the more difficult ones, which challenge our eyes with foreshortening and unusual angles.








Once again, our artists have used exciting styles and techniques, each personally unique, which makes for very interesting viewing.





Thanks to Sonja and Avril for all the organising you do to set this up for us…..and thanks to all our “drawers” – see you next year.

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SASA Winter Life-Drawing 2022

On Saturday 11 June we had the fourth in the current season of life-drawing sessions in the Duminy Hall. Modeling for us on the day was the very accomplished Sinead, whose beautiful shapes and colours make her an absolute pleasure to draw.










We stuck to our usual routine of short poses, followed by longer ones, with a break for tea and leg-stretching. Short poses are good for capturing the gesture and “getting your eye in”, while the longer ones give us time us to study the details, lines and planes of our model.

Another most enjoyable morning. Thanks to Sinead, as well as our organisers, Avril and Sonja.

Next week will be the last for this season. If anyone still wishes to join us, please get in touch with Nicole, the SASA secretary – – and she’ll give you all the details.




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Colour Mixing Workshop with Johanneke Strydom

On 14 May, Johanneke Strydom hosted the second of the SASA Winter Workshop series, at the Peter Clarke Art Centre. Johanneke, who  typically paints landscapes and seascapes, in fresh, vibrant colours, showed us how to mix colours from a limited palette, using as a starting point, the wonderful subtleties of hue and shade found in water.







Using only the primary colours, we were asked to create a colour wheel, allowing us to really understand the composition of each colour and the nuances one can create with slight additions, or subtractions.








Our next task was a “Notan” – a layout of the dark and light areas – of our reference photograph. This was to show us the balance of contrasting areas, which we should strive for when adding colour. Then we moved on to the actual colours we’d be using to create our final pieces for the day.








Johanneke lives in the lovely countryside near Wolseley, and prefers plein air painting, spending time daily in fields and beaches. She stresses the need to figure out the real colours of nature, using logic, as well as our artist’s eye to get them right.

Thank you Johanneke, for a lovely, fun-filled morning and for inspiring us to get out there and paint en plein air.



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Acrylics Workshop With Lynne Menge

On 7 May 2022 Lynne Menge conducted a workshop at the Peter Clarke Art Centre in Newlands. The topic for the day was “painting a large format seascape in acrylics.”







Lynne is known for – among other subject matter – her large seascapes, which she fills with colour, texture and movement. During the course of the day, we were shown how to create those interesting, varied textures, using smooth and rough media, applied with a palette knife, to create crashing waves and craggy rocks.







While the textured under layers were left to dry, Lynne took us through the colour mixing process, showing us how she gets the many vibrant shades of blue used in her seascapes.








Tattered old paint-brushes, tooth-brushes and even baby-wipes are among the implements in the arsenal of tools she uses for applying texture and colour to a canvas, to achieve that very realistic sense of motion in her waves.

We all walked away with a whole lot of ideas and techniques to put into practice. Thank you Lynne, for a most enjoyable and inspiring day….and thanks, Irene for organising it for us.





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SASA June Members’ Monthly Meeting

On Thursday 30 June we’ll be having a “Three Artist Paint-Out” for our members’ meeting. See Lyn Northam, Beth Lowe and Sue Paulsen painting a still-life alla prima at the Athenaeum. A great opportunity for us all to pick up some tips and ask some questions. For more info, please see the latest SASA newsletter.

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13 June SASA Plein Air Outing

On Monday 13 June the SASA plein air group will be meeting at the clock tower at the V & A Waterfront for a morning of painting and sketching. For more info please see the latest SASA newsletter. If you’d like to take part in plein air outings, please email Sonja Frenz – – and she’ll add your name to the whatsapp group.

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Winter Life-Drawing Session Number 3

On Saturday 6 June there were eleven SASA members in the Duminy Hall for the third in our 2022 life-drawing series.









This time we drew Anoushka, who is very relaxed as a model and gave us a wonderful range of poses, her lovely long hair adding another element to our sketches.








Once again our artists used a variety of techniques, media and styles, each beautiful and unique to the individual, showing just how diverse we all are in our interpretation of what we see before us.

Thanks to Sonja and Avril for organising it all. We look forward to the next one! If anyone still wants to join us, there are two more sessions to go, on the 11th and 18th of June in the Duminy Hall, right next to the Atheaeum.

For more information, please see the latest SASA newsletter, or contact our secretary, Nicole, by email at –

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Second SASA Saturday Life-Drawing Session

The second of the SASA Winter life-drawing sessions was held in the Duminy Hall in Newlands and despite the miserable weather, we had fourteen enthusiastic participants. A big Thank You to council-members Sonja and Avril for organising it all.












Our model for the morning was Gomez, with his lovely masculine shapes, lines and planes, in wonderful contrast to the softness of our last week’s model.







With our artists using so many different drawing styles and experimental interpretation of our subject, it proved to be a very interesting and productive morning and we’re all looking forward to the next one.

If you’d like to join us, we have three more for this season. Please book your place by emailing Nicole, the SASA secretary –

The Duminy Hall is right next to the Athenaeum, where we hold our monthly members’ meetings and is easily accessible, with loads of parking.


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Kim Black – Finding your Voice

Our May members’ meeting was held on Thursday 26th, at the Athenaeum and we were privileged to have Kommetjie artist, Kim Black, chatting to us about “Finding Your Voice in Art”.










Kim paints large canvases, with – amongst other subject matter – loose and lovely, brightly coloured flowers and she spoke to us about her process – how she went about finding her own “voice”. She stressed the importance of not comparing yourself to others and to just keep going, no matter how challenging it may be, or how vulnerable you might feel. Kim quoted the words of Picasso “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working”.










Kim has a plan of five basic steps/rules, which form her pathway to getting where she needs to be with her work and she laid them out for us to help find our own way.










• Pay Attention – to things like the materials you are using and the observations made by your viewers.

• Visual vocabulary – What is it you are trying to say? Which subject matter do you prefer? She referenced books like “Drawing on the artist within”, “Drawing on the right side of the brain” and “The Artist’s Way”

• Do it Afraid – don’t be brave, just do it scared! When we feel vulnerable, our most authentic self comes out.

• The power of connection – exposing your vulnerability makes you more accessible to more people.

• Comparison is the thief of joy – Don’t compare yourself to others. Our work is unique to us and should always be so.

Thanks Kim, for an evening both entertaining and thought provoking.

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SASA Winter Life Drawing Studio 2022

On Saturday 21 May, we held the first of our life drawing sessions for the year at the new (for us) venue – The Duminy Hall, which is right next to the Athenaeum, easily accessible and has lots of parking.










The session was well attended – we had fourteen “drawers” – and the wonderfully experienced Jessie was our model for the morning. Jessie is always a pleasure to draw, with her well thought-out poses, graceful yet sometimes challenging and very satisfying when our efforts turn out right!










We all had a peaceful and productive morning, with plenty of inspiration for further pieces. The light in the new venue is amazing and really lends itself to beautiful work.









If you’d like to join us for the next four sessions, please contact Nicole, the SASA secretary – – and she will put your name down.







If you need further details, please see the latest SASA newsletter, which is available on the SASA website –