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April 30th Members’ Meeting

At our most recent members’ meeting on the 30th of April, ten fellows
of SASA gave us a demo.

They each started with a blank canvas
and a plan for a painting. Some brought objects for still life, some
worked from photographs and others brought their models with them for

In an hour or two, these very generous fellows, unlocked their secrets of their technique for us and produced artworks from scratch while a mesmerised crowd watched them take shape.

This was a nerve-wracking task for the artists. Each one of them, in that noisy, crowded hall, managed to answer questions and explain their process, while keeping calm and focused on their work. By the end of the evening, each had produced a finished (or very nearly finished) piece and every member who attended was itching to get home and paint. What they took home with them was a huge helping of energising inspiration with which to enhance their own work.

So…. a huge “Thank You” must go to the ten participating fellows – Ros Walters, Fanie Le Roux, Helen van Stolk, Christine Cherry-Jones,
Laura Wenman, Wyn Rossouw, Lyn Northam, Jeremy Day, Solly Gutman, Penny
Steynor – for sharing their time and expertise with us. This was a wonderful event and one which we hope to repeat with a different selection of artists.

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