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Another French Letter from Fula

The weather is getting colder by the minute.  But the sun shines and not much rain.  I love the winter fashions here, anything goes, colours, styles, black tights worn with short skirts or short shorts.  I brought the black tights, pity I forgot the shorts.  Eish!
I discovered BHV, a massive dept. store with the most incredible art dept.  Forget Pearl paint in China Town New York .  I went to the basement to buy batteries,  the biggest hardware and tool dept I have ever seen  an amazing selection of tools for any and everything.  Batteries , dozens of them, all shapes and sizes and long queues of shoppers at every pay point.  On Sat a.m  I was walking to the Pompidou Centre and passed a morning market on a square next to one of the many ornate buildings in the area.  There were rose petals all over the ground, the name of the building had  Mairie in it,  a group of smartly dressed people were standing around, some with boutonierres.  It didn’t take me long to figure out there must be a wedding happening.  BUT could not spot the bride.  Then a group gathered on the steps for a picture, 3 nice looking young men and a large elderly woman.  Then the 2 guys in the middle had a big smooch.  Quel surprise, legal in Catholic France? 
On my way again I passed the BHV pet supplies store.  What a treat pour moi.  Lots of dogs with their owners.  Sweet playful puppies getting their leashes tangled up,  older dogs looking bored especially one which was being fitted by his very serious owner for a raincoat.  And another fluffy dog whose owner and an exasperated assistant were trying out gprgepud harnesses that would not tangle his hair.  I could just imagine Sparky in that situation, giving me his sidesways dirty look, grumbling and growling.  The racks of clothes were seriously high fashion, couturier quality  _ embroidered, zipped, jewelled, in an amazing variety of fabrics, even camouflage prints,  (No Angie, I will not buy one for u know who!)  in all shapes and styles, even jackets with hoods bordered with fur! nogal!  The variety of toys and accoutrements was just as amazing.  
On my way back from the Pompidou, I went into one of the many huge  churches.  Just in time to hear the wonderful choir, sounding like angels,  so I sat and listened.   I sat near the middle and 2 girls aged about 10ish came in, and sat on the edge of a platform right in front of me.  They quickly whipped out 2 packs of cards and with a dexterity gained from long practice, shuffled, dealt and started their game.  They saw me watching them, smiled, and I smiled back, they were very cute.  !   Mon Dieu!  In a church, during a service!  I felt that I should move away in case a lightning bolt struck them!.
Paris is sure full of surprises.  Just about everyone speaks French, a leetle, and is quite friendly except for the men who work in reception at the Cite, the miserable sods.  I am managing to communicate. With lots of si’l vous plaits and mercies and smiley, smiley and occasional flash backs to what I learned at the Alliance Francaise, (Vocabulary 5 out of 10, grammar 0)  Hopefully I will improve.
A bientot

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