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2nd SASA Members’ Exhibition for 2014

On Monday 1 September, the Sanlam exhibition hall at Kirstenbosch was a hive of activity, as busy teams of workers hung the artworks for exhibition. There were over 600 works in all, including the portfolio pieces and space had to be found for all of them. Thanks to Sylvia de Villiers for a well run hanging!

               The function later that evening was well attended,
               and the exhibition officially opened by Ayesha Price,
               principal of the Children’s Art Centre in Zonnebloem.  

She told us of her love of art from a very
young age and her passion for sharing it
with less privileged children, who would
not necessarily be exposed to it, or get the chance to explore their own creativity
otherwise. Thank you Ayesha.


               Kirstenbosch has, for the past few days, had a steady
               stream of visitors, attracted by the wonderfully warm
               Spring weather, which is perfect for us – a nice
               collection of red-dotted “sold” labels is gathering on
               the wall.

                Thanks to everyone involved, for your hard work (especially
                Mary for her usual sterling catering job and Adrian and Jeremy
                who ran the bar) it couldn’t happen without you.

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