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114th SASA Annual Exhibition

It was a beautiful Spring day on Tuesday 19 October, which was perfect for hanging our annual exhibition in the Richard Crowie Hall at Kirstenbosch.

We had a lovely bunch of members who volunteered their help on the day – the smiling faces behind the masks making the challenging task an enjoyable and happy one.

There are many very beautiful works on show, with the display in the front room being the most beautiful of all, containing as it does all the prize-winning pieces. We had a lot of visitors and even a couple of early-bird shoppers, who got in fast and bought their favourites before we’d even finished putting it all together. It’s so good to see those lovely little red dots appearing on the labels!








There was no official opening of the exhibition, due to ongoing covid restrictions, but the winning works are all clearly marked and the awarding of certificates will take place at our monthly members’ meeting on Thursday 28 October at the Athenaeum.






Thank you to everyone who took the time to come and help – it would take so much longer without your willing hands. Thanks as well to our hard-working council members, who put in a lot of effort behind the scenes to get things organised…..especially to Avril who keeps us fed 🙂 … are all much appreciated.







Now lets keep our collective fingers crossed for a bumper crop of sold stickers!

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