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SASA Members’ 1 Exhibition 2018

Our first members’ exhibition for 2018 is currently on show at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, in the John Winter Hall and will be up until Sunday 29 April.







The exhibition was opened at 6:30pm on Friday the 20th by well known artist and teacher, Margie Johnson, who, in her own warm and unique way, gave a marvelously entertaining and uplifting opening address.

The evening function was well attended and sales were off to a good start, with much interest in the portfolio stands, where hidden gems and bargains waited to be discovered.






Many of our guests left with beautiful artworks under their arms and the satisfied smiles on their faces matched those of the artists whose work they carried home with them.

We received numerous compliments on a beautiful exhibition and a very pleasant evening – many thanks to all whose help contributed to making it so.



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Opening of the 2018 Merit Exhibition

On Thursday 25 January a busy bunch of volunteers spent the day hanging the Merit exhibition in the Richard Crowie Hall at Kirstenbosch, but we had to wait till Friday for the opening, as our monthly meeting was on the Thursday night.

It was worth the wait. A beautiful exhibition, with the well-chosen pieces sitting comfortably in their space.

The hall filled up with the usual crowd as well as a whole lot of new faces and the clever few who made a plan to get there early, were the fortunate ones – having an uninterrupted view of the artworks on display and first choice of purchases.







The exhibition was opened by renowned contemporary artist, Derric Van Rensburg, whose wonderful speech had his audience in stitches. A different take on art history, with a bit of philosophy thrown into the very “tongue-in-cheek” mix, resulted in a highly entertaining opening address and set the lighthearted tone for the rest of the evening. Thank you, Derric.






Sales were off to a flying start, while, thanks to Mary and Adrian and their respective teams, the wonderful platters of snacks and the nicely stocked wine and juice bar added to the evening’s festive feeling.






A great beginning to SASA’s 2018 exhibition year.



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The Second SASA Members’ Exhibition for 2017

This has been a busy week for SASA council members and their team of helpers. On Wednesday we dismantled the Annual Exhibition from the “Richard Crowie Hall” at Kirstenbosch and on Thursday 5 October we were back again to hang the Members’ 2 Exhibition – once again a challenging job, expertly overseen by Sylvia De Villiers.







The proceedings were kicked off by author, columnist and artist, David Biggs, being his own delightfully light-hearted self and delivering an entertaining opening address.

The evening continued in this cheerful vein, as members and guests alike enjoyed the work on display, as well as the food and drinks on offer. Thanks, as usual, to Mary and Kate for the catering and Adrian for organising the bar.

Our guests were ushered out by a magnificent full moon – a fitting ending to another successful exhibition opening.

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SASA’s 111th Annual Exhibition

Thursday 21 September was a very busy day for the SASA council members and their helpers at the Richard Crowie Hall at Kirstenbosch. The day was spent arranging and hanging over 260 pieces of art. It was a tight squeeze, with the many large paintings to be shown, but we managed, creating a very beautiful exhibition.








The evening saw us back again, for the official opening of the exhibition. The opening address was given by Donald Greig, sculptor, artist and gemologist, who had only good things to say about the overall high standard of the work on display.

Donald also handed out the awards from the selection weekend, of which there were many. The trophies for “best in category” went to: Jeanette Nichol – best oil; Margie Volkwyn – best acrylic; Inge Semple – best watercolour; Veronica Reid – best pastel; Lucy Coburn – best mixed media; Di Ackerman – best drawing; Boniface Chikwenhere – best sculpture; Di Ackerman – best print media

Lucky members and guests who arrived early were treated to unrestricted views of the paintings, which was not possible later in the evening, with the large crowd, drawn by the exhibition, filling the halls.







It was a wonderfully sociable event, with Mary’s usual outstanding catering and Adrian’s well-run bar. There were also many red dots to be seen, so altogether, satisfyingly successful in every way.

Thanks to everyone whose assistance made it all possible, especially Sylvia De Villiers, who is a marvelous “hanging overseer”!


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The Opening of SASA Members 1 Exhibition









After the “hanging team” had spent a very busy day finding comfortable space for the huge number of paintings we had to display, the John Winter Hall at Kirstenbosch was looking wonderful for the opening of the exhibition. The beauty of it all was further enhanced by Helen Estcourt’s exquisite flower arrangement.

The exhibition was officially opened by Liesl Hartman, principal of the Peter Clarke Art Centre and an accomplished artist in her own right. She gave a lovely, warm speech about stories and connections, especially those created and inspired by works of art.

Mary McMillan did her usual great job with the catering and Adrian’s bar was buzzing. Thanks to those who helped out with the service. It all added up to a marvelously sociable evening, enjoyed by artists and guests alike, helped along by a good number of sales. An excellent start to a potentially very successful exhibition.








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SASA Merit Exhibition 2017

On Friday 27 January, after a wonderfully rainy day, the usual crowd – as well as many new faces – gathered at the John Winter Hall at Kirstenbosch for the opening of our “Merit” exhibition.









The opening address was given by internationally acclaimed artist, Andrew Cooper. He was articulate and relaxed, giving us some valuable insights and encouraging words, as well as something to laugh at. He praised the work on show – its exceptional quality and the general professional look of the exhibition. Good job, hanging team.

Our bar staff and “waitrons” were kept hard at work, making sure everyone had enough to eat and drink throughout the evening, adding to the festive atmosphere and encouraging patrons to take out their credit cards!










Many paintings were sold on opening night and by the time of writing this, sales were up to 39, a record number for the first three days of any previous SASA exhibition – well done to all our “Merit” artists. May the remainder of the exhibition prove just as fruitful.

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SASA Members’ 2 Exhibition Opening

Monday 19 September was a wonderfully Springy day, just perfect for the opening of our second members’ exhibition for 2016.

The John Winter Hall at Kirstenbosch was bursting with beautiful works of art – a feast for the eyes of all who attended. Mary’s superb catering provided a different sort of feast, which everyone enjoyed while browsing the halls, glass of wine in hand.

The opening address was given by SANAVA secretary, Ben Rootman. He certainly made us pay attention with his speech, drawing parallels between art and politics – if you keep doing work that the people appreciate, they’ll keep buying it! – and the importance of art as commentary in any cultural or political climate. Thank you Ben, for your empowering words.








Thanks to all involved for another enjoyable exhibition opening. The work will be on show until Thursday September 29.