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April Monthly Meeting with John Pace





The monthly meeting on the 25th April was very well attended by members eager to hear John Pace, well known as the winner of the 2015 Sanlam Portrait Award, give a talk on his experiences at the School of Art in Florence, Italy






John, in his relaxed conversational way, told us how his wife had given him the two week course as a gift for his birthday.






Using slides to illustrate his talk, we could see the beautiful studio in Florence where he spent many hours grappling with the sight size method of drawing, which he found very challenging at first, and ultimately very satisfying.






Drawing a sculptured bust to begin with, he progressed to working with the live model. Having finally perfected the drawing he then transferred that image from paper to canvas using tracing paper coated with oil paint to create a type of carbon paper. 






While painting, he was instructed to continually ask himself:1) What colour is it? 2) Is it warm or cool? 3) Is it light or dark?



John brought all his drawings and the finished portrait for everyone to see.
An enjoyable meeting, finishing up with the usual sociable tea, coffee and eats.


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John Pace on John Pace







At our October Members’ Meeting, we were fortunate to have 2015 Sanlam Portrait Award winner, John Pace, talking about what makes him tick. Owner and art director of the creative agency “At Pace”, family man and erstwhile Sunday painter, John considers himself the luckiest man alive, to have won this award.

John’s comfortably relaxed speaking style and his light-hearted approach to himself and his work, kept his audience captivated, as he walked us down his path of experience. He spoke about his life, his family and his painting process, which is for him, a ceaseless learning curve.

His “studio” is a converted kitchen island on wheels, which he trundles from one room to another at home, as the need arises. His inspiration is what he sees around him and his reference, the photographs he takes.





Thank you John, for your time, for sharing all this with us and sending us home happy and inspired.