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Art In The Park

Our second art in the park and final SASA exhibition for the year took place on 24 November at our usual venue, Rondebosch Park.






Here, on the corner of Campground and Sandown Roads, we have found the perfect home for this event – it is convenient for locals to stroll up, with their families in tow. It’s also very visible from the road, which attracts passing trade, swelling the number of our faithful followers, who come not only for the wonderful atmosphere, but in hope of a beautiful bargain or two as well.






We had a steady stream of customers throughout the day and good sales figures by the end of it – people making a day of it, lunching under the trees, ensuring our food vendors also had a good day and browsing around the stalls.






The beautiful space means that dogs can be included in the family outing – even more incentive to come and have a look!






Thanks to our team of organisers and all their hard work, that’s another satisfying and successful art in the park under our belts. See you next year!

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Art in the Park 17 March 2018





Saturday 17 March was a perfect day for “Art in the Park” and Rondebosch Park was full of happy people – artists and their entourages, families of browsers and buyers – all enjoying the wonderful weather and colourful stalls.

Many new faces manned the art stalls – artists trying out Art in the Park for the first time – as well as all the familiar ones and our faithful food vendors did their usual roaring trade, with their various offerings catering to every palate.





There was something to keep everyone happy and entertained. While parents shopped for paintings, children danced to the music of our resident busker.







We had a surprisingly good turn-out, considering all the other events happening in and around Cape Town that day, with lots of sales and contacts made for future sales, so everyone went home satisfied.

Thanks to Adrian Larkin and his team, for a job well done.












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Art In The Park

Saturday 25 November was a beautiful day for Art in the Park and everyone was there bright and early to get their stalls up and ready for business.

We had over 100 artists taking part this time, both SASA members and those from other art societies around Cape Town, providing an abundance of art for people to look at and to choose from. We also had some art shops participating, encouraging the artists to do some shopping of their own.





The atmosphere was wonderfully relaxed and the food stalls were busy, as friends and families made a day of it under the trees, picnicking on the grass, or at the tables, between browsing the stalls.






There was something for everyone. When shopping got too much, there was coffee and smoothies to be drunk and music to be listened to – or for some of our younger, less inhibited customers, danced to – there were trees to be climbed and new friends to be made.

Thanks to Adrian Larkin for all the planning and organising of another successful art affair!

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Art In The Park

We had a perfect day for our first Art in the Park for 2017 – warm, but not too hot, with not a breath of wind till a light breeze got up around lunch-time. It was held on Sunday 26 March at our new regular venue, Rondebosch Park.

Once again members from the other art societies were invited to join us and we had a lovely gathering of artists, with a wide selection of styles and subject matter, giving our customers plenty to choose from. When they weren’t busy selling their wares, the artists were busy chatting with their neighbours, making new friends and collecting tips for future paintings.

There was a sociable, Sunday atmosphere – whole families strolling through the park, with babies in prams and dogs of all shapes and sizes on leashes, toddlers dancing to the music and everyone picking their favourite painting.

The food stalls did just as well as the art stalls did, as people sat around the tables in the dappled shade, enjoying a leisurely lunch, a smoothie, or a cup of excellent coffee.

Once again, a very successful day, thanks to all the organisers and participants. See you next time!


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Art In The Park






Saturday 26 November dawned bright and sunny, with just the hint of a breeze, so we didn’t overheat.  Perfect weather for the last SASA “Art in the Park” for 2016.

We had a record number of artists, from various art societies taking part and a steady stream of people passing through, resulting in record sales.

Both traders and shoppers brought their furry friends and families and made a day of it, strolling down the avenues and picnicking under the trees, to the sound of music in the background. We had joyful little girls spontaneously “bursting into dance” and the food and drink stalls did a roaring trade.





Thanks to all who put in a lot of time and hard work to make this event successful, especially Adrian Larkin, Mary McMillan and Glenda Chambers – great team-work……and a very big thank you to Chris Tunnicliffe from “Julip” Nursery on Imam Haron Rd – he saved our bacon, with a long power lead!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMay this event keep getting bigger and better! See you next year!

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SASA Art in the Park 27 Feb 2016

What a beautiful day we had. Sunny skies, a gentle breeze, mild temperature all made for perfect “Art in the Park” conditions….and lovely weather is conducive to happy artists.

With over 90 participants, there was an abundance of wonderful choices for all our visitors and Rondebosch Park was buzzing with activity for most of the day. Serious buyers and casual families strolled through the avenues, enjoying the relaxed ambiance and the chance to browse amongst a plethora of paintings. There was something for everyone – even the little ones had their favourite stalls – and most who came bought something to take home with them.

There was a steady stream of purchases and happy meetings, numbers exchanged and new contacts formed – networking at its absolute best! Thanks everyone, for a great day.