Michele Batchelder

I was born in Namibia in 1958 and grew up in Durban. I did a three year Fine Art Course at Durban Commercial High School, majoring in ceramics and painting. I began paining at the age of 3 with the encouragement of my father and uncle who both saw potential in my early scribbles. At the age of 5, they bought me oils which i love. i have since discovered so many new and exciting media, but still go back to oils now and then.

After leaving school I continued to paint, draw and had a pottery studio, where I taught and produced ceramics for the local art stores.

I am inspired by many things… things I see, touch, feel and hear. When traveling through this vast country of such beauty, it never ceases to amaze how varied the landscape and people are. I love textures and create texture to mimic the feeling of, for example, leather, rock, or sand. And… of course… people… Such colorful creatures! The different cultures and their different beliefs are always an inspiration!

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